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Costs for Remote Training/Customization

Following implementation, any additional, personal training or customization required beyond the scope of the contract will incur charges per the following schedules. Please review these tables and complete the Requested Service Order. Once we receive your approval, the required service will be scheduled at the earliest availability.

Service Cost
Customization or remote 1-on-1 training time $125 per hour
New/custom reports $125 per hour
New/custom templates/form creation $250 per hour
After-hours remote training $200 per hour
Weekend remote training $250 per hour
No show or cancellation of scheduled training session (*unless 48 hours of advanced notice is provided) *50% of missed session cost + 100% of additional session

Costs for On-site Training/Consultation

Service Cost
On-site training, Mon-Fri/non-holidays $800 per day + travel fees
On-site training, weekend/holiday $1200 per day + travel fees
On-site training/cancellation < 14 days* Full cost of training and any non-refundable expenses

Note: To keep costs down, all cancellations must occur within the stated parameters: remote training cancellations must occur within 48 hours; on-site cancellations must occur within 14 days of the scheduled training.

Travel Fees

For on-site training, all fees are the responsibility of the provider or the clinic. The scope of these expenses include all reasonable and customary fees for getting the trainer on site, which includes but is not limited to airfare at normal coach or business class fare, rental car where appropriate for the duration of the training, reasonable hotel accommodations, and customary per-diem charges for incidentals and meals. All efforts will be made to ensure such arrangements are within currently accepted federal guidelines for such expenditures.

If desired, you may make the travel arrangements in conjunction with the trainer’s availability and Bizmatics will not bill you for such expenses. Due to scheduling of our trainers, however, it is preferred that we make such arrangements and bill your credit card on file. If you prefer, you can make alternate arrangements with our Accounting Department before such travel arrangements are made.

All trainer incidentals and meals will be billed at a reasonable and customary of current federal per-diem rates or on a receipt basis. Please indicate the preferred method on your Requested Service Order below.

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