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We partnered with Fujitsu and TriZetto Provider Solutions to bring you a webinar on improving your practice's medical billing workflow using Fujitsu's PaperStream Capture Pro and TriZetto's PaperResolve features. View the complete recording or jump to some of the key points listed below.

1. Fujitsu PaperStream Capture Pro (2:06)

2. TriZetto PaperResolve (17:26)

3. Frequently Asked Questions (28:40)

You can also view the Paper to Digital Billing Webinar powerpoint slides.

You can purchase a Fujitsu scanner at the PrognoCIS Amazon Store

Contact information for sales representatives can be found here:
courtney.mccraine@trizetto.com / (314) 802.6889
danielle.mccrink@trizetto.com / (314) 802.6844
Promotion: Mention this webinar, and TriZetto will discount set up fees for Paper Resolve by 50%.

PrognoCIS RCM Services:
sales@bizmaticsinc.com / (877) 693.6748

PrognoCIS Support:
support@bizmaticsinc.com / (408) 873.3032

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